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rhodesian ridgeback

Rhodesian Ridgeback: An Owners Guide to a Happy Healthy Pet
Eileen M. Bailey offers comprehensive advice on how to select a Ridgeback puppy, feeding, grooming and training, and how to burn off some of this active dog's energy.  BUY FROM AMAZON

The Complete Rhodesian Ridgeback
Peter Nicholson & Janet Parker discuss how the Rhodesian Ridgeback has achieved great success in the show ring, and is highly valued as a family pet, protector, and companion. BUY FROM AMAZON

The Rhodesian Ridgeback Today
Stig Carlson tells the history of the Rhodesian Ridgeback as well as guidance on care, training, health issues, the Standard, showing, breeding and a global perspective of this brave lion dog. BUY FROM AMAZON

Rhodesian Ridgeback
Stig Carlson covers origins and development, breed characteristics, choosing a puppy, training, and health issues. BUY FROM AMAZON

Rhodesian Ridgebacks
Frank Lutman, DVM gives easy-to-follow recommendations about selecting and caring for a Rhodesian Ridgeback. Good for the novice owner, someone considering the breed, or the younger owner. Covers history, description, grooming, nutrition, basic manners, general health care, and owner responsibility. BUY FROM AMAZON


Second Hand Dog: How to Turn Yours into a First-Rate Pet
Carol Lea Benjamin provides special care and training techniques to show you how to attain the best possible relationship with your rescued dog. BUY FROM AMAZON

Choosing & Caring for a Shelter Dog: A Complete Guide to Help You Rescue & Rehome a Dog
Bob Christiansen addresses everything from choosing the dog, preparing your home for him, acclimating him to your other pets, handling him, especially in the early days in your home, health, training, etc. BUY FROM AMAZON

On Talking Terms With Dogs: Calming Signals
Turid Rugaas helps us understand the subtle ways dogs communicate with each other, and teaches us to use these techniques in our relationships with dogs. BUY FROM AMAZON

Dog Problems
Carol Lea Benjamin, dog trainer, shares her humane aproach to solving such problems as agression, destructiveness, housebreaking problems, excessive barking, dogfights, tugging, jumping, shyness, stealing, begging, fear biting and much more. BUY FROM AMAZON

Dogs are From Neptune
Jean Donaldson offers clear, step-by-step advice for troubleshooting problems from obedience proofing stumpers to serious biters and fighters. BUY FROM AMAZON

Culture Clash
Jean Donaldson champions the dog's point of view, always showing concern for their education and well being. BUY FROM AMAZON

Don't Shoot the Dog: The New Art of Teaching and Training
Karen Pryor clearly explains the underlying principles of behavioral training and through numerous fascinating examples reveals how this art can be applied to virtually any common situation. BUY FROM AMAZON

Getting Started: Clicker Training for Dogs
Karen Pryor introduces you to the power of positive training for your new puppy or older dog. BUY FROM AMAZON

Clicker Training for Obedience: Shaping Top Performance - Positively
Morgan Spector shows you how and why to use clicker training, the technology of operant conditioning and positive reinforcement, to train you dog. BUY FROM AMAZON


Prester John
John Buchan tells the tale a young man's adventures in South Africa. BUY FROM AMAZON

A Story Like the Wind
Laurens Van Der Post's coming of age tale in Africa. BUY FROM AMAZON

A Far Off Place
Laurens Van Der Post's follow-up to A Story Like the Wind. BUY FROM AMAZON