Our Board


Elizabeth Akers

Elizabeth was born and reared in South Africa. After living in the UK for a few years she moved to California and settled in the Bay Area with her family. She has always lived with horses and dogs and began Ridgeback Rescue in 1990. A recent move to the San Benito County area has enabled her to have horses, dogs, chickens and goats on her property.



Diane Jacobsen

Diane established Calico Ridge Kennels in 1962. Since then, she has bred well over 200 champions and many obedience and performance titled dogs. In addition to being one of the finest kennels in the country, Diane has been a faithful friend and servant to Rescue for many years.

Learn more about Diane's Calico Ridge Kennels here.



Stuart monahan

Stuart has been handling the finances for Rhodesian Ridgeback Rescue for more than a decade and a half. He has been "owned" by many Ridgebacks throughout the past 20 years. Stuart and his family live with several Ridgebacks in the Sierra foothills.